Presentation and missions

The College of General Medicine (CMG), an association under the law of 1901, federates all the organizations working for the discipline of general medicine: representative unions, scientific structures, academic structures, training structures, associations for the promotion of the specialty. Its constitution gives it a triple expertise: scientific, professional and political.

Since 2020, the College of General Medicine has represented the National Professional Council (CNP) of the specialty of general medicine.

The missions of the CMG

  • To provide expertise in the scientific and operational fields related to the organization and practice of general medicine.
  • To develop and promote relevant guidelines and recommendations in general medicine, based on research in primary care.
  • To promote initial training aimed at developing the skills necessary for the practice of the profession, the evolution of the system and the demands of care.
  • Promote a continuous professional development approach and propose priority orientations for general medicine, a multi-year CPD program and a traceability document enabling each professional to track the CPD actions carried out.
  • Designate representatives of the specialty to sit on the structures called upon to issue opinions on applications for practice authorizations or recognition of professional qualifications.
  • To promote the development of evaluation and research in primary care, and the publication and dissemination of its results.
  • To participate in the setting up of epidemiological registers for the surveillance of health events and professional registers for the observation of practices.
  • To promote the qualitative, ethical and cultural aspects of general medicine.


The College is organized in the form of a federation of general medicine structures around 3 components, professional, academic and scientific, and a fourth component, “associative”, grouping together the structures having an activity of promotion of General Medicine.

Composition of the Board of Directors

The executive board is composed of 10 members, elected for 3 years.


Throughout the year, working groups are set up by the College of General Medicine. These groups are made up of general practitioners, members of the structures that are members of the College, according to their expertise. They operate under the responsibility of a coordinator.

Some working groups may be set up in response to requests from institutions or partners of the College. The work is defined in terms of professional practice.

Practical sheets to facilitate daily practice, summary documents, contributions… thanks to the work carried out by the groups, the Collège provides general practitioners with information and practical tools in various formats. All of them are available on request and for consultation on its website.

International representation

The Collège de la Médecine Générale is the representative of France to international bodies working to promote general medicine. It can be consulted on professional and political issues related to the specialty at both national and international levels. It is a member of the World Organization of General Practitioners, Family Doctors (Wonca Europe and Wonca World) and of the European Union of General Practitioners (UEMO), of which it has been vice-president since 2017.